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Smells like trouble…

How far would you go to meet the boys? So far that you would hide in a bin for 4 hours? Well apparently one fan would, in fact, one fan did!

But unfortunately the odds were not in her favour, and she was unsuccessful to meet her heros face-to-face.

"They got busted! They hid in a bin and tried to come in the back entrance." - The Mirror quoting Zayn Malik

A source also told the paper:

"The methods fans are using are getting more ingenious. Some have been regularly booking out rooms in their hotel. Some even tried to dress up as staff. But the boys’ minders won’t be letting any of these tricks get past them. They’ll look in every bin if they have to."

Hmm, looks like I will have to change my methods, I think Paul’s onto me.

Xoxo, Gossip Girl

A Fly On The Wall…

Did anyone of you want to be in One Direction’s bedroom? Well you can be now.. or well sort of.

The boy’s Mexico apartment’s photos have been leaked so we can catch an inside look on where the boys live their luxury life.

Harry will even sing you a lullaby if you can’t sleep, but in the arms of One Direction and in this luxury suite who wouldn’t be able to?

It will cost the boys £2,470 per night if they’re divas and decide to stay in their own one-bedroom suite, while the more fanciful - and much, much more expensive - rooms are only available for selected guests.

Who wouldn’t mind living here? Of course if you’re a star you can’t forget the luxury…

There’s no doubt that anyone in favour of the bromances - Niam and Larry Stylinson - will be dreaming of the boys top-and-tailing instead of sleeping in separate rooms. And let’s not forget about Zayn, we’ll have a room of mirrors made just for him.

But I guess its no match for Louis’ castle is it?

Xoxo, Gossip Girl

The King Arises?

How’s everyone’s day going so far? Mine is just excellent! Nothing better than chocolate covered strawberries, cocktails and fashion magazines next to the pool. Now if relaxing wasn’t good enough, then finding tons of gossip was.

Remember when Harry left the nest and left prince Louis all alone in the cold apartment? Well looks like the prince is going to be crowned as king when he moves into his very own castle.

You all might be wondering what castle… well this castle.

a massive £2.5 million for a 4-storey home in London which boasts 6 bedrooms, a swimming pool, a games room, a moat, a dungeon and even a tower to lock the princess in.

Okay maybe the moat, dungeon and tower is a little exaggerating but he’s buying a freaking mansion!

Louis' purchase may seem extravagant but it's a safe investment,' says a source.

'may seem extravagant' oh yes absolutely. And can someone please tell me how buying a mansion seems extravagant?

But when Louis gets the keys to his plush pad, the other 1D boys - Zayn, Niall and Liam - may not get invited over straight away.

Big clap to the source! The truth is in that sentence. Because we all know that Harry will be the first person to experience the hugeeee mansion and yes, even the royal master bedroom.

Now, Gossip Girl is being super duper nice to her fellow followers and directioners. Why? Oh nothing much, Moi just happened to leak a very exclusive photo of the property… Everyone ready? Here it is!

Nice place huh? Only need a few Playboy bunnies and a pink bathrobe and done. You’re officially the next hunky guy in the celebrity business.

Xoxo, Gossip Girl

Anonymous asked:
Louis Vuitton sunglasses, Vogue, Latte and gossip? Do you happen to be Serena Van Der Woodsen?

Thats just a small selection of my walk in closet, but even if I am Serena I can’t tell you, sorry love!

Xoxo, Gossip Girl

Oh gosh, that 6 seconds were the best of my life. Now I’m not a Harry, no where near but I’ll help Harry, help Harry, help others… Will you?

Xoxo, Gossip Girl

Anonymous asked:
To the anon.What do you mean so many blogs? This is so unique! This is the 1 and only GG! 1dgossipgirl doesn't even do anything! So just shut up and enjoy her posts cause this is the only blog like this in the world!


Anonymous asked:
Is all this gossip real? I've seen millions of blogs like this and they're all fake...

Why would I make up fake news about One Direction… I’m a directioner not a Directionator.. Just don’t know what these anons have in their minds… Society may be a bitch but specific people don’t have to be…

Xoxo, Gossip Girl

Nemi on the loose?

Now the second thing I found when I finally finished my shopping spree at Acne and my Vogue magazine was everything we didn’t think would happen.**

This. But apparently we haven’t missed much at all… or have we?

As if there weren’t already enough heart throbbing gossip swirling around the warm air, the pair have added new fuel to the fire by SKYPING.

You want proof? Well no fear to GG!

(Shari Short, who currently sings for Demi Lovato, tweeted Niall that it was nice to meet him via Skype with her gal pal Demi)

Now you may think that Skyping isn’t anything serious…. but i can assure you that you’re awfully wrong.

First they tell everyone their droopy and crazed crushes to each other, then before we can get back to the old haystack packing at the farm the wonderful pair decide to make it happen!

Everyone knows that skyping is just level 2 in a relationship and level 10 is the wonderful couple dating in front of our eyes. Level 3 is   Oh wait, sadly there aren’t anymore levels.

We must all be happen for the young lad and the glorious and clean role model, but you have to admit that a world crashes down in you when you hear another one of your gorgeous idols is taken.

So lets just wait about 1 more hour before they even announce their marriage!

Talking about marriage, Miley I hope you and Liam have a glorious one. Best wishes!

What do you think about all this Nemi situation? Leave the answers in the poll on my blog!

Xoxo, Gossip Girl

**Thanks to everyone who submitted me information about this! xx

Looks like the Hunger Games…

Bonjour, Directioners! Guess who’s back and ready to gossip? While I was out I didn’t only read a few magazines but had twitter ready also. And thank god I did.

Now there were 4 top trends will I was out. One to do with with One Direction, and one to do with One Direction, but the other 2 didn’t make it into GG’s world.

The first one was about all the haters achieving what they want. Which is just heartbreaking D:

Now when I was browsing twitter with my Latte and Louis Vuitton sunglasses I managed to find this picture. It happens to be awfully popular along twitter users.

Now we all know that Directioners and Beliebers are the biggest threat against both fandoms and even to the world. But sadly its not 1 against 1.. since even our own fandom has turned against us, making it 2 against 1. 

You would think that the next War would be either the LGBT against the politics or maybe the poor against the wealthy, but my sixth sense feels something else. Directioners vs. Beliebers/Directionators.

So get your papers ready because this will have to be documented.

The contestants: From District 1. Directioners, from District -1, Directionators and from District 6. Beliebers

Who will fight and who will fall? And most importantly will our fandom make it out still alive and as victors?

Let the 76th Annual Hunger Games Begin!

Mirror, mirror on the wall.

Who’s the fairest of them all? Well looks like the answer is One Direction.

Remember my post about the 1D movie? Well guess what, its been confirmed! Which means you’ll be at the cinemas watching a scripted comedy with your favorite Band or well.. actors?

They have now confirmed the movie which is set to be released anywhere in these 2 years. It’s either a scripted comedy or a documentary. But let’s face it, the lives of our idols are comedies anyways…

“The film could be exciting. My hair would be poking in your eye.” — Said Harry 

Yes Harry, and I’m sure thats every Directioner’s dream.

The source says that It may be documentary footage mixed with a concert film, or it could even be a comedy caper in the style of old Monkees films.

It’s early days but it’s something that their management and label are excited about. — Says the source

Oh yes, Management… cause who doesn’t love them? Management has helped them so much that they deserve a shiny trophy with a box of chocolates!

The film, out on November 8, 2013, will go head-to-head at the box office with comic book sequel Thor 2.

So much information… but is it as heart warming as they want it to be.

In my opinion I think this is the dumbest thing ever. Management has done so much in these past 2 years, I think we should just send them off to Bermuda Triangle just for a little break.

Our boys have grown so fast. From the average hot and handsome teenage boys to International sensations. And I’m sure every Directioner has this photo on hand.

So let’s just sit back with a bucket of popcorn and watch the Adventurous Adventures of One Direction, instead of another copy of Justin Bieber’s amazing film.

Will you be lucky enough to score tickets to the premiere? Or will you be excluded as always? 

Xoxo, Gossip Girl

Anonymous asked:
ur blog makes my ovaries explode. xx

That sounds awful and like that must hurt, a lot. You should definitely see a doctor. I don’t want you to suffer feminine problems in the future…

Xoxo, Gossip Girl

iv-viii-mcmxcvii asked:
I actually love this blog! keep it up gg ;)

Thank you minion! It means a lot! And don’t worry even if i happen to drop dead someday, my ghost will still keep the blog running. I’ll be here when no one thinks i am..

Xoxo, Gossip Girl

The fair maiden’s heart…

Our handsome prince, Louis has been in trouble lately… not only with the band but his beloved one too.

Looks like tension is rising between the long distance relationship between Louis and Eleanor. Our prince does try extremely hard for the relationship to work but looks like thats not the same from Eleanor’s side.

Eleanor had gotten a lot of threats lately, god knows why, or Gossip Girl?

A lot of ‘Directionators’ have been fed up with Eleanor’s behavior. Suspecting her of not treating Louis right, and also using his fame.

And thats just a small amount. 

Louis and Eleanor are both fed up with all of this and are still trying to make their relationship last, after all this and also the long distance between them.

"At the end of the day if you want it to work, it will work. It just requires probably more effort. If your heart’s in it, then you’re not gonna mess about." —Says Louis 

Sorry groupies—it doesn’t look like you’ll be getting your way with Louis anytime soon!

"It gets a little frustrating seeing that, especially when I’m in a happy relationship. But at the end of the day, I am happy and Eleanor is happy, so there’s not really that much more that matters" said Louis.

Well we’ll see how long this whole ‘happy’ thing lasts. I’m sure someday it will all gegt too crazy and well, you know what happens then.

We’ll see how it all works out, since nothing lasts forever, or does it?

Xoxo, Gossip Girl

Oh Niall, our special little snowflake!